Wednesday, 23 March 2011

sunny times

Right, so basically it's sunny as fuck out today and being British I thought I'd make it out to be a huge deal like everyone else. So times like these require me to post a tune on my blog. Love this new Kito track at the moment....

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Uhmmmm... not so sure what to think about this..

So yeh, basically as Tempa T  Next Hype just got old (and by old I mean at least 6 months too old) this lyrical masterpiece came out. Suppose it's fair enough trying your luck to see if all the upper middle class private school 17 year olds jump on it followed by a trial of half arsed brostep remix's. If it does somehow become a huge hit then the forecast shows the preppy wankers will go from saying "boy off the ting" to "ring off the ting" for the next half a year. At least Next Hype had some novelty to it at first and was pretty funny, I'm not so sure about this though.

What do you lot think?

right then..........

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